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Relationships are among the most powerful, profound and important aspects of our lives. They are the source of both great blessing and great challenge. This is true, whether we are talking about a relationship with another person ~ spouse, partner, parent, child, friend, co-worker ~ or the relationship we have with the person between our ears ~ ourselves!


When you are doing OK, yet want more zest and passion in your life, we at DCRH are here to coach you to greater fullness. When you hit those periods of relational challenge, we at DCRH are here to assist you in moving through the points of pain and "stuckness." At DCRH we look upon those times as important opportunities for growth and healing - opportunities to heal from past hurts, deepen our intimacy and connection, change limiting beliefs, and much more!


We believe that working with a trained, compassionate, respectful therapist or counselor is one very useful way to get assistance in traveling along your growth journey. To assist you in your work, we offer the following services.  Please click on the link to get more information about each opportunity.


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