Why break up when you can breakthrough?


Is your relationship stagnant, unsatisfying or in any other way unfulfilled?


Perhaps you feel like you are living in “stable misery?"


Are you and your partner caught up in an oft-repeated “dysfunctional dance” that sucks the soul out of your relationship? Would you like to change the choreography to create new rhythms?


Has a major relationship disconnection such as an affair or the threat of leaving/divorce undermined the foundation of your relationship, and you need to explore how or if to rebuild it?


Are you in the midst of a difficult decision and need coaching in how to hear each other, so as to come to resolution?


Are you unable to participate in regular couples counseling sessions because of geographical or time restraints?


These are only some of the challenging situations that couples can face. A “Couples Breakthrough,” using Encounter-Centered Relational Healing, may well be an effective approach for creating healing and transformation in your relationship.


Breakthroughs come in many forms:

Mini-Breakthroughs of 3-4 hours duration

One-day Breakthroughs, usually 6-7 hours with breaks as needed

Two-day Breakthroughs, two consecutive days of 6-7 hours, with breaks as needed


Cost of Breakthroughs:

For those who have insurance, one hour per day may be billed to each partner’s insurance company. Additional hours are billed on an hourly basis, to be arranged based on resources and needs. There are hourly discounts for one and two day intensives, which require a pre-paid, non-refundable deposit of 50% of the negotiated rate. Payment is by check, cash or money order; DCRH does not process credit cards.


Scheduling a Breakthrough:

Breakthrough sessions are scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please contact Dr. Judith Spendelow at 303.907.4294 or to set up this in-depth opportunity for your relationship.


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